How does Khonvo work?
Khonvo is building a new kind of distributed
firm for recruiters to make more placements
in less time, sitting anywhere in the world.
Why you should become a Khonvo recruiter
While hard work, hitting metrics,
and making placements are non-negotiable,
how you go about it is up to you.
Spend time on reqs that you know will move,
use data to take the ambiguity out of a search.
Training resources
Khonvo is focused on leveling up your recruiting
prowess. We believe in training, coaching, and
maximizing every recruiter’s potential.
We get out of your way
Micromanagement is the enemy of productivity.
We believe in hiring smart / capable people
and getting out of their way
Earn more
Best in class commission structures. If
you’re making placements and building long
term relationships with companies and
candidates, you should be rewarded
Building the Khonvo Operating System to
optimize every interaction resulting in
more placements in less time.
Our Mission
Build the future of recruitment. Recruitment is not a business process. It's the art of dealing with people. It’s an art of consideration, of understanding and of listening. It requires patience, empathy and transparency. It necessitates direct communication and bilateral respect. By being operationally efficient and technology driven, we believe we can provide better experiences for recruiters, candidates, and companies alike.
Why we are building the future of
Frankly, we think the current model of agency recruiting sucks. The fact that it’s 2019 and recruiters still slog into their cubicle-laden offices to smile and dial for hours on end is crazy to us. We started our careers in this environment and realized it’s time for a change. We believe Software and technology can enable you to do your job just as well, if not better, sitting anywhere in the world, living the lifestyle you choose.

We are building a technology solution that allows you to optimize every interaction and reduce friction across the hiring cycle.
You are a big biller and don’t like
the fact that so much of your
commission goes to the firm.
Performance based -> more placements
= more take home
Access to all Khonvo open roles
Part of the Khonvo community
Can be done from anywhere in the world
How to work with us
Maximize your potential as a recruiter
If you want to help us build the future of recruitment, live the lifestyle you want, from anywhere, and make a great living along the way, please send us a note. We are looking to add organized, intelligent, and driven individuals that are passionate about technology. If you have a deep desire to provide an unbelievable experience for clients and candidates alike, you’ll be a great fit here!

Join our team. Email us at  team@khonvo.com